Reiki Therapy in 2024

I have been continuing to deliver Reiki Therapy regularly to many clients who feel relaxed and ready to feel the healing properties of Reiki. Each Reiki Therapy is individual to the clients energy at the time of the session. It may be needed for physical ailments or psychological issues or mental ill health. Reiki can aid in all of these areas. One session will feel relaxing but multiple sessions may be required to encourage the body to heal itself and the energy will flow smoothly as a result and the positive benefits will be felt as a result of the therapy.

Early in 2024 I had major abdominal surgery and this was difficult but I was able to enhance healing by practising self reiki and help myself adjust mentally with the operation. I remain passionate about Reiki therapy and feel blessed that I practise regularly and receive positive feedback for the compassionate care I deliver alongside Reiki.
As my experience grows I have booked to have the attunement to become a Reiki Master which is the next level of Reiki. I am excited for this to go ahead and I can enhance the Reiki delivered with care to my clients.
If you would like to enquire, book an appointment feel free to email on

or call me on 07791466551

A Reiki Therapy appointment lasts approximately 1 hour and currently costs £25 for which you can pay cash or card

Warm wishes , love and light


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