Looking forward to 2023 with Reiki Therapy 💜

As a New Year Approaches I am feeling positive and I am able to continue to offer Reiki Therapy to clients who book with me. My 100% positive feedback reflects how I assess a clients needs and listen with empathy and carry out Reiki Therapy individually at each session. Reiki Therapy is a positive holistic practise which never fails to help the clients I work with. It has helped many clients this year with emotional issues, physical pain or illness. I have performed Reiki Therapy on clients suffering grief, trauma, and diagnosed mental ill health issues and they have discussed with me that it helps them feel enlightened, energised and more positive as a result of one or a number of Reiki Therapy sessions ; whatever suits their needs. It has also supported those requiring a balanced mind or body or taking time out for relaxation or self care which is becoming more necessary post Covid and increasing pressures felt by individuals. My hours remain very flexible around my hospital employment to cater for the needs of those people who seek Reiki Therapy in a welcoming, friendly environment. Feel free to call/ email for an appointment

Best Wishes
Deb Goode

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