During a Reiki session a medical history will be taken and a discussion of what Reiki is and how it can be helpful discussed. As Reiki is a complimentary therapy, it can be carried out alongside other medical treatments but does not take place of medical treatment or prescribed medications. A discussion will take place regarding the reason for Reiki during the initial assessment; whether it is for relaxation or stress reduction, emotional upset or a physical illness all may be helped by Reiki.

The client will then be asked to get themselves comfortable on a chair or the massage couch supported by pillows and covered with a blanket if preferred. Soothing music will be played and breathing in a relaxed way will be encouraged to start the therapy. Reiki is generally a hands on healing practise; I will gently place my hands on your body.There is no manipulation of the body and hands above the client may be used starting at the head. There is no difference in the benefit experienced whether hands on or hands above is used. Positioning of the hands is used to locate and channel Reiki to the seven chakras used in traditional Usui lineage Reiki although the hands can be moved to where Reiki is intuitively required.Reiki flows where it is needed. Each energy chakra can become out of balance and may cause other chakras to become out of balance too. An over active chakra needs to be calmed down and reined in and an under active chakra needs to be energised and activated. Reiki can bring awareness to the chakra and return it to a state of equilibrium. Ensuring the chakras are perfectly balanced offers a new dimension of healing and growth.

Reiki is individual to each treatment with each individual there is no expected experience. As it can be different every session. Sensations from my hands are often described by the client as warm or hot or a tingly sensation and that Reiki is very relaxing. Whilst lying or sitting with eyes closed the client may feel floaty and may see colours or shapes during the session.

Other common results of Reiki include perceived reduction in stress, increased feeling of calm and relaxation. Some clients may fall asleep during Reiki and this does not stop the Reiki flowing. Others may feel an emotional release and feel tearful, I always have tissues at hand.

The effects of Reiki are accumulative and one session may feel wonderful, regular sessions can support well being in every way.